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Who says the boss is off-limits?


Brittany Green has a serious problem. She’s had a raging crush on her boss. No, crush was too childish of a word to describe the depth of her feelings. Too bad she’d never be more than his executive assistant and the capable woman making sure his professional life ran as smoothly as possible. Crossing the line after so many years seemed impossible. A distant fantasy. But something had to give or else her heart would get trampled worse than it already had been. In order to safeguard herself, she decided to tender her resignation. She wasn’t anyone special. Her boss could easily replace her, and Mr. Tremayne’s life would still operate business as usual. Or so she thought.


Actively searching for love wasn’t in the game plan. Although his reputation preceded him more often than not, nothing came easy to a man like Desmond Tremayne. But he hadn’t achieved success by letting promising opportunities slip away either. He’d taken the lessons from his hardworking, single mother to heart and never backed down from a challenge. Putting every second of the day into growing his company, he no longer believed in the concept of downtime. Suddenly, the harsh truth of his workaholic ways smacked him in the face. Finding out how close he came to losing someone important to him was the wake-up call of the century. Now, he’d pull out all the stops to keep her by his side. Exactly where she belonged.


Will the lines get blurred if they follow their hearts?


When minds are made up, all bets are off.

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