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Who says life isn’t a fairy tale?

For a Brooklyn girl like Natasha Bradley, life has been anything but a storybook romance. She’s grown up wary of love and all its trappings. Focusing her efforts on friendships, work, and maintaining her independence left little time for much else. Even though her best friend got her very own happily ever after, she never imagined one for herself. A last-minute invite to a charity event changes everything and she comes face to face with her version of Prince Charming. But Tasha’s always been stubborn. Will she let herself fall for the first time without waiting for the inevitable heartbreak?


All work and no play described Christian Hsu’s life in a nutshell. At an early age, he’d been taught that unmatched determination and dedication were the keys to success. It meant he had little room or interest in distractions that a social life would bring. Then it finally hit him. All the success in the world means nothing if there’s no one to share it with. With one look across the ballroom, a lightning bolt struck, electrifying him from head to toe. He had to know the captivating woman in red. Chris was known as a shrewd businessman, but love was a different matter altogether. Does he have what it takes to win the woman who’s set his heart on fire?


Can these two strangers drop their defenses to let love in?


When the masks come off, anything is possible.  

Masked Up - ebook

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