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  Neither of them should have been there. But fate had other plans.


At the urging of a friend, Cassandra Jameson found herself in the last place she wanted to be: on a blind date. But favors were for suckers, and she was the biggest one of all. Little did she know, this chance encounter would drag her out of her comfort zone. A place so convenient and safe, she’d been content to stay there for the rest of her life. But that all changed the moment a mystery man sat across from her.


It was shaping up to be a normal evening at the restaurant for Warwick Leary when his pesky, younger brother threw a wrench in those plans. Now, instead of dealing with invoices and spreadsheets, he found himself dining with a sweet, intriguing woman. As their time together came to an end, he figured out a way to extend their date and spice up their night. Because the last thing he wanted was for her to slip away.  

All The Pleasure (All The Ways Duo, Book 1) - ebook

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