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No one said anything about falling in love. But when the stars align…


Never one to let much get her down, Starr Thomas had finally reached the end of her rope at work. Getting a new boss seemed outside the realm of possibility, so she figured a reset might do her a world of good. With one suggestion from her best friend, she decided to use her marketing expertise as a side hustle. Other options would keep her from making a rash decision and quitting the job she enjoyed. What she got instead was a temporary contract with the ultimate eye candy and her almost brother-in-law, Chef Cullen. His food made her drool. His focus made her shudder. Since a little white lie got her in this situation in the first place, did that mean payback was best served hot or cold?


His love of cooking was what pushed him forward. Managing a kitchen had been his top goal for ages. And thanks to his brother, that far-fetched dream came true in the form of Obscurité. Too bad Cullen Leary’s personal life suffered from too little attention. He’d learned early on that passion and drive only got someone so far in life when there were significant hurdles to overcome. His parents taught him to think of his blindness as an asset and not a hindrance, but the real world wasn’t so idealistic. With the one thing he lacked constantly on his mind, was it time for him to throw caution to the wind and use his skills on a recipe for love? One answer became crystal clear the moment a brave and audacious woman entered his restaurant.

All The Passion (All The Ways Duo, Book 2) - ebook

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