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Trying something new

Happy New Year!!!

It's been a whirlwind of traveling the last few weeks of December and then starting back at the day job. It's always hard to come back after a long time away, isn't it.

Well, I wanted to pop on here really quick to share some news. Tomorrow will be a very interesting day. I'll be participating in an online Author Showcase in the Facebook Group: Writer's Network & Book Club. I'm really excited about it but also anxious. This will be a first for me, y'all. I will be talking a bit about my writing process, some things I've done/learned along the way as an independent author, and reading some excerpts from my books. I hope some of y'all will stop by to view/interact during the Facebook Live or watch the replay. There's already been so much awesome and vital information shared in the group during this event, so stop by to learn and share your expertise/lessons learned.

In other news, there's some new ideas percolating for me in terms of stories, events, marketing, and all that good stuff. Stay tuned to see what's coming up in the next few months!

Until next time,


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