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Release week (and stopping bad behaviors)

My first release week and I was slowly losing my mind. For sure, I was starting bad habits, y'all, and I needed to stop. ASAP!

Because I was stressing myself the heck out.

The #1 worst habit I had to nix was checking the download or purchases pages (on every site where I have my book up!). My book has only been up for days. DAYS. It didn't make sense to me even while I was doing it but it was happening anyhow.

Yes, it's okay to check but not on a daily basis. Not when you are just days from putting up your baby. I was only psyching myself out and for no good reason.

Here's the deal. It's not easy to admit, but I'm so afraid of bombing with this. It's scary and nerve wracking and exciting all at once. But now is not the time for bad habits or self-sabotaging. Now is the time for rejoicing and putting in more work. Because you don't stop after you push publish. That's only the beginning. There's promoting and more writing to do.

Thanks for sticking with (or joining) me on this journey. I appreciate it more than you know!


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